Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chipin just $20, and help a kid in Nairobi go to school today!

My name is Patrick and I was born in Kenya. My Aim and the purpose for this site is to raise about $250 and help pay school fees for needy children in a Nairobi slum close to where I live. 

I am 25 years and having lived in the slums I decided to become a human rights activist after what I witnessed in the Kenyan elections violence in 2007/2008.

My aim since then has been to help kids around here in the slum stop sniffing glue and at least get some education.

You can help my quest by clicking on the "Chipin" Button Below and 100% Of what you send will be used to help needy kids here in Nairobi go to school.

I also support one family of a mother and a small 2 year old baby. I will all what you contribute to this cause.

You can contact me directly on:

That is my official Email and the one I used years ago to open this blog. If you contact me, I will only reply via that Email. Do not be cheated by any response from any other email.

 Follow the Pics Closely, 

The reality is that everyday in Africa, thousands of Children will die due to lack of food. Everyday, in Africa, Sudan, one of one of the poorest countries in the world, this happens-the war that happens there spoils lives-kills children.

Dreams are shattered and this is the reality.

People, I want you to think this is you-look at the pictures-this is Africa!

Open your eyes, wide, what do you see?

Dont take it bad. I am honest and these pics are not meant to intimidate you, or make you feel bad.
They are just meant to show you the situation as it is here in Kenya and all over africa. Contributing a little will help.

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100% of the cash generated from this website goes towards feeding & educating the children in Kenyan slums, Africa. Please digg the story and make it popular. 

Also please leave a comment here. if you want to contact me directly, please email me at

A malnutrited child in southern sudan. This is real, its what happens in Kenya and other third world countries everyday.